Coming Home for Good: How St. Louis-based RELINK is Rebuilding the Lives of Justice-involved Young Adults through Health, Social Services, and Advocacy

Coming Home for Good Report

RELINK is an initiative by the St. Louis Integrated Health Network that combines one-on-one support with referrals to committed community partners in health, mental health, housing, employment, and collaboration.

The St. Louis Integrated Health Network partnered with the Evaluation Center to create a report detailing the success, challenges, and recommendations based on RELINK’s first two years of programming.

The assessment found that RELINK clients face numerous challenges including:

  • Histories of substance abuse
  • Not having a high school diploma or GED
  • Self-reported poor mental health
  • No regular health care
  • Not having insurance
  • Not having regular employment

In its first 3 years of existence, RELINK learned  the following about effective reentry programming:

  • Health is often overlooked in reentry programming,
    but supporting a client’s health is a critical
    aspect of keeping them out of jail and contact with
    the justice system.
  • When the criminal justice system, health, and social
    service partners work together, we can save costs
    and improve community safety. However, we still
    need to improve client trust and utilization.
  • A focus on preventative services, such as mental
    health, housing, and education for people ages
    18-26 will reduce system costs and improve the
    overall health of the community.
Developed in July 2019 for the St. Louis Integrated Health Network by Meihsi Chiang and Nancy Mueller.

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