Land of Lincoln Legal Aid Needs Assessment 2019 Highlights

Land of Lincoln Needs Assessment 2019 Highlights

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, which services 65 counties in central and southern Illinois, provides low-income and senior residents with free civil legal services. They aim to help clients obtain and maintain their basic human needs, such as access to safe and affordable housing, family safety and stability, consumer protection, education, healthcare, utilities, income security and support for seniors and persons with disabilities.

The Land of Lincoln Legal Aid partnered with the Evaluation Center to commission a needs assessment to determine whether its services matched the needs of their target population

The assessment found that denial, reduction, or termination of various income benefits was the most prevalent civil legal issue among survey participants, followed by access to health insurance and struggles with renting.

Focus group discussions revealed barriers to accessing legal services, such as perceived and experienced inability to afford a lawyer, adverse experiences with attorneys, and a preference to resolve situations on their own.

Evaluation Center recommendations for Land of Lincoln:

  • Advertise in community spaces and agencies that serve low-income populations
  • Streamline the appointments scheduling process
  • Response to appointment requests faster
  • Increase flexibility in meeting location and method
Developed in July 2019 for the Land of Lincoln Legal Aid by Smriti Bajracharya

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