Supporting Healthy Father-Child Relationships: Learnings from a Father-Focused Family Support Program

Supporting Healthy Father-Child Relationship Poster

The Fathers and Families Support Center (formerly Fathers’ Support Center) is a St. Louis organization that empowers the uninvolved, non-custodial father to become a responsible, involved, and financially supportive parent to improve the lives of children and families.

The Fathers and Families Support Center partnered with the Evaluation Center to commission an impact evaluation of its New Pathways to Responsible Family Formation program. The impact evaluation utilized a randomized control trial design to measure outcomes of participants against those who received services from only the Fathers and Families Support Center’s Economic Stability program.

The evaluation found that both programs met or exceeded the expectations of many of the fathers involved. They also enjoyed spending time and sharing with other fathers.

Evaluation Center key learning:

  • Fathers were overall very satisfied with each program, and want to be involved in their child(ren)’s lives, but sometimes face various challenges
  • New employment and job conflicts were the top reasons that fathers did not graduate from the program.
Presented in August 2019 and co-created with the Fathers & Families Support Center by Courtney King and Nancy Mueller.

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