The Innovation Model of Patient-Centered ConTraception (IMPACCT) Study

IMPACCT study innovation model flyer

The Contraceptive CHOICE Project, was a study of nearly 10,000 women in St. Louis that sought to promote highly effective forms of birth control and remove financial barriers to contraception.

The Contraceptive CHOICE Project partnered with the Evaluation Center to create an infographic detailing results of the Innovation Model of PAtient-Centered ConTraception (The IMPACCT Study).

The study included 1,019 women from health centers in St. Louis, MO (Phase 1) and Memphis, TN (Phase 2). The women enrolled in Phase 1 of the study recieved specialized birth control counseling, and the women in Phase 2 received that counseling in addition to cost support for IUDs and implants as well as health care provider education. The study had the following key findings:

  • Women in Phase 2 of the study had a lower unintended pregnancy rate (46.1 pregnancies/1,000 women) than women in Phase 1 (88.9 pregnancies/1,000 women)
  • More women in Phase 2 (55%) received IUDs or implants than those in Phase 1 (14%) on their day of enrollment in the study
  • More women in Phase 2 (72%) chose new types of birth control than those in Phase 1 (52%)
Developed in July 2017 for the Contraceptive CHOICE Center by Meihsi Chiang.

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