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Our Six-Word Memoirs

Can you sum up your life in six words?

To kick off our recent Evaluation Center retreat, staff were given this challenge. Check out this video to see some powerful examples of six-word memoirs written by 8th graders (!!!).

Center staff wrote their six-word memoir on a piece of paper as we entered the room for the retreat. We hung the papers on the wall and then tried to match each person to the right memoir. Some were easy to match while others took a few tries. It was a fun and revealing activity and we appreciated having the chance to get to know each other in a new way.

6-Word Memoirs examples
Can you guess who wrote each of these six-word memoirs?

I’m like the oak trees; connected.

A pebble splashing ripples in water.

Spite is a powerful motivator, indeed.

Do I hear the dog talking?

Recovering workaholic focusing on my corner.

I don’t take chances with coffee.

Cat naps on soft blankets data.

I am always on a trail.

I never find it when looking.

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