BJC Community Health Improvement

Hospital to Housing Dashboard Development

Project Date

March 2023 – January 2024

Type of Evaluation

Data Visualization


Community-based, Health


The Hospital to Housing (H2H) program at BJC Healthcare partnered with the Evaluation Center to develop a dashboard to communicate the impact of the program. H2H is an initiative of BJC’s Community Health Improvement initiative, and works to provide permanent housing solutions and support services to those who are unhoused and frequently visit the Emergency Department.

The Evaluation Center supported H2H by creating an infrastructure for data collection and management, as well as analyzing data in order to build a dashboard template that its team can update regularly.

Project Description


BJC Community Health Improvement aims to eliminate health disparities in under-resourced communities and give all people the opportunity for a healthy, productive life. BJC is collaborating with community partners to support housing first as a healthcare intervention. The Hospital to Housing (H2H) program is a part of ongoing work to expand efforts to address housing instability and access to behavioral health services among vulnerable populations. Program operations occur at Barnes Jewish Hospital and Christian Hospital. Other collaborators include St. Patrick’s Center, Catholic Charities, Camden Coalition, and Behavioral Health Network of Greater St. Louis.

The goals of the H2H program are to: increase housing stability; improve mental health outcomes; enhance coordination of support services; and reduce unnecessary utilization of the hospital emergency department. The Evaluation Center partnered with H2H to develop a dashboard to reflect progress towards program goals in three areas: Clinical, Operations, and Financial.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Developed a dashboard building protocol document.
  • Wrote a data analysis plan.
  • Built a dashboard template.
  • Supported with grant-level reporting.

Our Products

  • Data collection tools
  • Data collection protocols
  • Dissemination products

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