Recent Projects

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid Needs Assessment 2019 Highlights

Developed July 2019 for the Land of Lincoln Legal Aid by Smrit Bajracharya

Land of Lincoln Needs Assessment 2019 Highlights


Supporting Healthy Father-Child Relationships: Learnings from a Father-Focused Family Support Program

Presented August 2019 at the Healthy Marriage Responsible Fatherhood (HMRF) Biennial Grantee Conference in Washington, D.C. by Courtney King, Destini Goodwin, Amy Sorg, Cheri Tillis, Nancy Mueller, Patricia Kohl, Annie Wolter, Halbert Sullivan

Supporting Healthy Father-Child Relationship Poster


Coming Home for Good: How St. Louis-based RELINK is Rebuilding the Lives of Justice-involved Young Adults through Health, Social Services, and Advocacy

Presented Spring 2019 at the City of St. Louis Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) by  Mikel Whittier, Amanda Stoermer, Jess Holmes, Atara Estes, Philip Brooks, Abby Wolner, Meihsi Chiang, Nancy Mueller

Coming Home for Good Report


Evaluating a Health and Social Service Network: Approach and Lessons Learned

Presented November 2017 at the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference by Mackenzie Staub, Amanda Stoermer, Nancy Mueller, Carrie Pettus-Davis, Mikel Whittier, Jessica Holmes, Bobbi Carothers, Sarah Bobmeyer, Annie Grier. Poster designed by Meihsi Chiang

 The Innovation Model of Patient-Centered ConTraception (IMPACCT) Study

Developed July 2017 for the Contraceptive Choice Center, St. Louis, Missouri by Meihsi Chiang


Using participatory methods to develop and implement an evaluation for the Raising St. Louis Early Childhood Initiative

Presented October 2016 at the American Evaluation Association Annual Conference by Sarah Bobmeyer, Nikole Lobb Dougherty, Beth L. Rotter, Tom Santel

2015 and earlier

Creating easy-to-read booklets about sickle cell trait and disease

Presented May 2010 at the Institute for Healthcare Advancement Health Literacy Conference by Heather Jacobsen, Chris Casey, Luisa Leme, Ricardo Wray, Keri Jupka, Allison King, Terianne Lindsey, Michael Johnson


Win Early for Missouri: Tobacco Tax and Early Education

Developed April 2015  for Raise Your Hand for Kids by Meihsi Chiang, Morgan Dixon, Christina Garnett, Ja Kyung Jang, Janine Moretti, and Hilary Sedovic. Visuals designed by Meihsi Chiang