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CARE in Pregnancy Program Evaluation

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Project Date
July 2020—June 2022

Type of Evaluation
Outcome, Planning, Process



The CARE (Clinic for Acceptance, Recovery, and Empowerment) in Pregnancy program offers prenatal care, substance abuse treatment and extended postpartum support for pregnant women facing the challenges of an opioid use disorder.

The Evaluation Center partnered with the Women & Infants Center at Barnes-Jewish Hospital to design and implement an evaluation of the CARE in Pregnancy Program, at the individual patient and program levels.

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Project Description


The Clinic for Acceptance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) in Pregnancy program was established in June 2018 by a multidisciplinary team of obstetric and mental health providers at Washington University Medical Center and Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. Three important barriers prevent treatment of pregnant women with opioid use disorder:

  1. Many substance use disorder specialists are not trained to treat pregnant women.
  2. Many obstetricians will not treat opioid-dependent patients.
  3. Missouri Medicaid ends 60 days postpartum, leaving many low socioeconomic women with no care.

The CARE in Pregnancy program provides opioid use disorder treatment with simultaneous prenatal care. It also provides co-located behavioral therapy and psychiatry specialist support to pregnant women and women up to three years postpartum. This two-year evaluation of the CARE in Pregnancy program implementation is supported in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in collaboration with The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Developed an evaluation plan in collaboration with the CARE Clinic team.
  • Designed and implemented the data collection, management, and analysis to assess program implementation using qualitative methods and a patient survey.
  • Consulted on patient-level quantitative data collection conducted by the CARE Clinic team.
  • Consulted on the development and implementation of the analysis plan for patient-level data.
  • Conducted data interpretations with the CARE Clinic team and other stakeholders.

Our Products

  • Evaluation plan, including logic model and dissemination plan
  • Patient interview guide
  • Patient survey
  • Project reports and briefs

Project Funder

A Collaboration of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and The Pew Charitable Trusts

Contact Person

Are you a patient or a health professional? Please visit CARE Clinic’s website.

Heather Jacobsen, MPH

Heather Jacobsen, MPH

Evaluation Manager (she/her/hers)