Evaluation Planning & Implementation

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Project Date

Oct 2022—Jan 2023

Type of Evaluation

Implementation, Planning




Counterpublic is a three-month civic exhibition in St. Louis featuring engaging and contemporary art aimed at expanding social, political, and civic horizons. The resulting exhibition features dozens of artists, collectives, and community organizers working together to present their work in St. Louis.  

The Evaluation Center partnered with Counterpublic to develop an evaluation plan, including a logic model and evaluation question matrix, with an emphasis on assessing the economic and cultural impact of the exhibition on the greater St. Louis region.

Project Description

Counterpublic actively engages with community and cultural partners in St. Louis to explore the city’s histories and imagine new futures through contemporary art. Held every three years, the second edition of the civic exhibition ran from April to July 2023. The resulting exhibition featured dozens of artists, collectives, and community organizers working together to make and present works in St. Louis. The festival also included ongoing education, research initiatives, performances, publications, public projects, and commissions.

Counterpublic 2023 featured an exhibition along Jefferson Avenue, charting the city from the Southern Riverfront, through the Brickline Greenway at Market Street, to St. Louis Avenue in North St. Louis, with the hopes of expanding social, political, and civic horizons in the St. Louis region and beyond.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Developed an evaluation plan.
  • Developed a visitor satisfaction survey and comment cards.
  • Developed an interview guide.
  • Conducted interviews with Counterpublic staff and stakeholders.
  • Analyzed the visitor satisfaction survey, comment cards, and interviews.

Our Products

  • Evaluation plan, including logic model and methods matrix
  • Dissemination plan
  • Evaluation findings report


Contact Person
Meihsi Chiang, MSW

Meihsi Chiang, MSW

Interim Associate Director (she/her/hers)