Health Equity Works (formerly For the Sake of All)

Work Group Evaluation

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Project Date
May 2017 – Sept 2018

Type of Evaluation

Academic, Community-based


The Evaluation Center partnered with the Health Equity Works (formerly For the Sake of All) initiative to evaluate the effectiveness of its work groups. Health Equity Works is supporting work groups focusing on key strategies to help reduce health disparities for African Americans and improve community health in the St. Louis region.

The Center worked with the Health Equity Works team to identify characteristics of effective work groups, understand the extent to which work groups are making progress toward their goals, and explore how funders, partners, policymakers, and regional initiatives perceive the Health Equity Works initiative.

Project Description


Scholars at Washington University and Saint Louis University, in collaboration with community contributors, released a report in 2014 on the health and well-being of African Americans in the St. Louis region by highlighting social, economic, and environmental factors that drive differences in outcomes. For the Sake of All: A Report on the Health and Well-Being of African Americans in St. Louis—And Why It Matters for Everyone was immediately hailed as a “landmark report” by local media. Work groups were formed to act on the key recommendations from the report.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Collaborated with the Health Equity Works team to develop an initiative-level logic model and work group evaluation plan.
  • Designed and implemented a process evaluation of the work groups to understand to what extent the work groups are making progress on their goals, the factors contributing to or challenging progress, and the supports needed to sustain the work groups.
  • Monitored and assessed progress and accomplishments on work group action plans, as perceived by community stakeholders.
  • Developed a dissemination plan in collaboration with the Health Equity Works team.

Our Products

  • Health Equity Works initiative-level logic model
  • Work group evaluation plan
  • Work group collaboration assessment survey
  • Interview guide and work group meeting evaluations
  • Dissemination plan
  • Quarterly action plan progress updates
  • Findings briefs and final evaluation report

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