Infant Loss Resources

Survey and Protocol Development

Infant Loss Resources

Project Date
Feb 2018 – Jun 2018

Type of Evaluation

Community-based, Health


Infant Loss Resources connects people to programs, services, and information related to Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), including SIDS and other sleep-related losses. They support families directly affected by infant loss and expectant parents looking for information, and train professionals on accurate and up-to-date SUID information. They also provide community education.

The Evaluation Center partnered with Infant Loss Resources to develop a follow-up survey for participants to assess implementation of infant safe sleep practices after attending a presentation.

Project Description


Infant Loss Resources, in collaboration with the Evaluation Center, developed a post-training follow-up survey for participants who attended a safe sleep presentation. The survey assessed the implementation of safe sleep skills and the creation of a safe sleep environment at home. The Evaluation Center also developed a survey administration protocol which described pre-survey logistics and preparation, as well as survey distribution, data collection, and data management.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Developed a follow-up survey
  • Conducted a pilot study for the survey
  • Developed a recommendations report
  • Developed a survey administration protocol, including guidance on best practices for follow-up with participants and data management tools

Our Products

  • Follow-up survey
  • Survey administration protocol
  • Pilot survey result and recommendations report


Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (Center for Community Health Partnership and Research)

Contact Person
Meihsi Chiang, MSW

Meihsi Chiang, MSW

Evaluation Manager