Infant Loss Resources

Survey and Protocol Development

Infant Loss Resources

Project Date
Feb 2018 – Jun 2018

Type of Evaluation

Community-based, Health


Infant Loss Resources connects people to programs, services, and information related to Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), including SIDS and other sleep-related losses. They support families directly affected by infant loss and expectant parents looking for information, and train professionals on accurate and up-to-date SUID information. They also provide community education.

The Evaluation Center partnered with Infant Loss Resources to develop a follow-up survey for participants to assess implementation of infant safe sleep practices after attending a presentation.

Project Description


Infant Loss Resources, in collaboration with the Evaluation Center, developed a post-training follow-up survey for participants who attended a safe sleep presentation. The survey assessed the implementation of safe sleep skills and the creation of a safe sleep environment at home. The Evaluation Center also developed a survey administration protocol which described pre-survey logistics and preparation, as well as survey distribution, data collection, and data management.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Developed a follow-up survey
  • Conducted a pilot study for the survey
  • Developed a recommendations report
  • Developed a survey administration protocol, including guidance on best practices for follow-up with participants and data management tools

Our Products

  • Follow-up survey
  • Survey administration protocol
  • Pilot survey result and recommendations report


Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences (Center for Community Health Partnership and Research)

Contact Person
Meihsi Chiang, MSW

Meihsi Chiang, MSW

Interim Associate Director (she/her/hers)