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Project Management Training: Techniques for Success

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Project Date
Sept 2017—Feb 2018

Type of Evaluation



The Missouri History Museum is providing project management training to its staff and St. Louis historical agency partners.

The Evaluation Center conducted two project management workshops, to enhance participants’ project management capacity.

Project Description


The Missouri History Museum presents Missouri history through their exhibits, education, events, and community engagement. Its mission is to serve as the confluence of historical perspectives and contemporary issues to inspire and engage its audiences. The Museum is comprised of multiple departments which work together to launch exhibits and conduct education and engagement activities.

The Museum also collaborates with other historical agencies throughout the St. Louis region. The majority of these agencies are smaller in size and are led by volunteer staff. Museum staff and volunteers have varying levels of project management experience and use a variety of tools and systems to manage projects.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Developed and facilitated two half-day project management workshops to enhance participants’ project management skills.
  • Developed a pre-workshop survey to help inform the workshop content and provide us with an understanding of the workshop audience.
  • Administered pre- and post-workshop surveys to assess the usefulness and appropriateness of workshop content and activities.

Our Products

  • Pre- and post-workshop surveys
  • Workshop training materials and tools
  • Survey findings report

Project Funder

Missouri History Museum

Contact Person
Heather Jacobsen, MPH

Heather Jacobsen, MPH

Evaluation Manager (she/her/hers)