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Evaluation Planning and Implementation

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Project Date
Jan 2016 – May 2018

Type of Evaluation
Process, Outcome



As Missouri’s first organization created to promote the common interests of its nonprofit sector, Nonprofit Missouri provides training, education and guidance to the state’s more than 32,000 nonprofit organizations.

The Evaluation Center partnered with Nonprofit Missouri to develop and implement an evaluation of trainings conducted in 2016 and 2017.

Project Description


Since 2016, Nonprofit Missouri (NPMO) has conducted close to one dozen workshops in urban, suburban and rural settings to help nonprofit organizations better understand advocacy to increase their roles in shaping public policy. The Evaluation Center is assessing the value and effectiveness of these advocacy trainings so that the findings can inform the content of future NPMO learning opportunities.

Evaluation Activities

  • Conducted web-based surveys and semi-structured interviews with participants who attended advocacy trainings
  • Developed and implemented an evaluation plan for NPMO’s trainings to guide workshop strength, understand how participants applied their learnings, and identify new needs for knowledge and skill-building

Our Products

  • Evaluation plan, including logic model
  • Interview guides
  • Surveys
  • Findings briefs
  • Final report

Project Funder

Missouri Foundation for Health

Contact Person
Heather Jacobsen, MPH

Heather Jacobsen, MPH

Evaluation Manager (she/her/hers)