Rung for Women

Evaluation Planning

Project Date
Feb 2020—Oct 2020

Type of Evaluation



Rung for Women aims to empower women to grow and achieve sustained independence through co-located and coordinated educational, professional, and economic resources.

The Evaluation Center partnered with Rung for Women to develop an organization-level evaluation plan, as well as pillar evaluation plans. The Center also provided expertise to support Rung’s program planning and performance management.

Project Description


Rung for Women and its co-designers provide services in four primary areas or “pillars”: 1) member support and coaching; 2) physical and mental well-being; 3) financial wellness and wealth-building; and 4) employment and career services.

The Rung for Women program begins with a six-month immersive experience called Member Experience 101. During this time, members work with a coach to define their career and personal goals and design their own personal approach for meeting those goals. After this experience, members access career counseling, financial education and wellness classes at Rung for Women, as well as ongoing workshops and networking opportunities to support them on their path. To ensure members have the time and peace of mind to invest in themselves, Rung for Women provides onsite child care, healthy eating options and health care services. The first cohort started in March 2021.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Developed an organization level evaluation plan.
  • Developed evaluation plans for each pillar.
  • Provided technical assistance and consultation: inform the development of a technology platform and provide recommendations for quality improvement and performance management strategies.

Our Products

  • Evaluation plans (including logic models, evaluation methods matrices, and dissemination plans)
  • Common set of indicators
  • Recommendations for technology platform

Project Funder

Rung for Women

Rachel Barth, MSW

Rachel Barth, MSW

Evaluation Manager (she/her/hers)