Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis – Infectious Disease Clinic

Midwest Capacity Building Assistance Network

Project Date
April 2019—Mar 2024

Type of Evaluation
Implementation, Outcome



The Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP) Program at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis supports and strengthens the HIV prevention workforce in the United States by leading the CDC-funded Capacity Building Assistance network in the Midwest. Its team provides HIV prevention technical assistance to nonclinical CDC-funded community-based organizations throughout the 12-state region. This prevention-focused network is part of the national CDC effort to end the HIV epidemic.

The Evaluation Center implements process and outcome evaluation methods to monitor and assess the implementation of the Capacity Building Assistance network. The Center works closely with its team to develop data tracking tools and systems, monitor implementation, and disseminate findings.

Project Description


Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis’ Infectious Disease Clinic (WU ID) offers comprehensive medical services to support and retain people living with HIV/AIDS or at risk for HIV in care. Dr. Rupa Patel, Director of the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV (PrEP) Program at WU ID, partnered with Dr. Brad Stoner, Medical Director of the St. Louis STD/HIV Prevention Training Center, to establish the CDC-funded Capacity Building Assistance network, also called WashU CBA, for the Midwestern United States.

Technical assistance for HIV testing, pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis support, and social behavioral interventions is provided to nonclinical CDC-funded organizations in the 12-state region. The WashU CBA provides organization-specific as well as statewide technical assistance support. It works in partnership with clinical and structure-focused CBAs in the Midwest to proactively identify HIV prevention needs and develop technical assistance action plans within and across the region.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Attend WashU CBA team internal meetings to review technical assistance progress and support organizational development
  • Develop and implement comprehensive evaluation plan
  • Utilize CDC-required template and develop Evaluation and Performance Measurement Plan
  • Review and inform metrics and outcomes included on yearly workplans
  • Review and inform jurisdictional and regional plans’ metrics and outcomes
  • Develop and support implementation of the following tools:
    • Intake and action plan form
    • Technical assistance management system, including a work plan template, status update template, and logistics preparation forms
    • Technical assistance tracking sheet, including a dashboard that describes project progress
  • Develop workshop-specific assessment forms to support internal quality improvement
  • Analyze and develop workshop-specific summaries and quarterly reports of workshop satisfaction and content knowledge changes
  • Facilitate and share findings from process review with WashU CBA staff and consultants
  • Conduct interviews with staff, consultants, and members of partner CBAs within and across regions to identify WashU CBA strengths and areas of improvement
  • Analyze CDC CBA Tracking System (CTS) and CDC Post-Technical Assistance Survey data for Annual Performance Report and End of Year Performance and Standard Evaluation Report development

Our Products

  • Intake and action plan development template
  • Technical assistance management system
  • Technical assistance request tracking sheet
  • Internal evaluation plan
  • Evaluation and Performance Measurement Plan
  • Workshop-specific assessment forms
  • Workshop-specific summaries
  • Quarterly workshop findings reports
  • Process review guide
  • Process review summary
  • Interview guide
  • Interview summary
  • Annual Performance Report
  • End of Year Performance and Standard Evaluation Report

Project Funder

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention

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