Leadership Development Surveys

Project Date

Jun 2022—Jul 2023

Type of Evaluation





WEPOWER envisions a future where systems are accountable to historically oppressed communities and focuses on promoting wealth, education, health, and justice for Black and Latinx households in historically high poverty communities. It aims to increase wealth, access to quality education, and increase organized people power. Its goals include creating living wage jobs, increasing the revenue generated by community-owned businesses, and increasing the survival rate of Black and Latinx-owned businesses.

The Evaluation Center is partnering with WEPOWER to refine its data collection practices and better understand the impact of its programming.

Project Description


The Evaluation Center, in collaboration with WEPOWER, is updating and administering surveys to evaluate power building and participant satisfaction for WEPOWER’s Power Building Academies and Chisholm’s Chair Fellowship. The Evaluation Center is also developing a series of surveys to evaluate participants’ engagement and understanding of WEPOWER’s mission following their attendance at an ongoing series of coalition meetings or community building events hosted by WEPOWER. The Evaluation Center is responsible for survey distribution, data collection, data management, and creation of dissemination products to be shared back with program participants and staff.

Evaluation Center Activities

  • Redesign old program surveys.
  • Provide feedback on a series of follow-up surveys for various programs, events, and meetings.
  • Distribute pre- and post- program surveys.
  • Create short reports detailing all findings from program surveys.
  • Develop quarterly reports on feedback from coalition meetings and community building events.

Our Products

  • Redesigned surveys
  • Programmed surveys with access to live results
  • Quarterly findings reports
  • Program reports


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