The Evaluation Center Celebrates its 2019 Graduates

To Class of 2019 Congrats!

The Evaluation Center is proud to announce the graduation of seven graduate student assistants from The Brown School of Social Work, as well as Washington University at large. The Evaluation Center values its reciprocal relationship with student workers who learn about program evaluation, strategic planning, and data collection and analysis as they assist us with client projects. Read on to learn where our graduates are headed next.

Angela Jung

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Math

Up Next: Angela continues to work full-time for the Evaluation Center. Her main responsibilities include data collection, management, analysis, and visualization.

Roxy Lawrence

Degree: MSW/MSP with an International Social and Economic Development concentration and a System Dynamics specialization

Up Next: Roxy joins the Center for Research, Inclusion and Social Policy (CRISP) at Indiana University Indianapolis as a Research and Evaluation Coordinator. Roxy will have three main projects that focus on the evaluation of 1) a two-generational approach to increase economic stability among low-income families in Indianapolis, 2) community based crime prevention and reduction efforts in specific neighborhoods in Indianapolis and 3) interventions aimed at reducing youth homelessness in Indianapolis.

Amber Mack

Degree: MSW/MSP with a Health concentration and Research specialization

Up Next: Amber joins Health Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia as a research and policy analyst. She will coordinate research projects, evaluate programs, and supervise policy advocacy activities.

Katie Sciarini

Degree: MSW with a Program Design and Evaluation specialization

Up Next: Katie joins Social Impact Inc., in Arlington, Virginia, as a Technical Specialist in Strategy, Planning, and Learning.

Monica Villarruel

Degree: MPH

Up Next: Monica joins the California Department of Public Health in Sacramento in the Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health Division.

Blair Whalen

Degree: MSW with a Mental Health concentration

Up Next: Blair begins prep for the LMSW exam, following which, she hopes to work with young children and their parents at a hospital or agency. 

Graham Zulu

Degree: MSW with an International Social and Economic Development concentration and Research specialization

Up Next: Graham continues to work for the Evaluation Center and the Race and Opportunity Lab. In addition, he is enjoying his more flexible schedule as a homework-free civilian.

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